Gullets are traditional wooden motor-yachts used in the Mediterranean Coasts and Aegean Sea coast of Southwest Turkey.

At the beginning Gulets were used by the sponge hunters and fishers. But with the rise of Turkey on Tourism and became the organisations popular destination of Blue Voyage Gullets became the symbolic yachts of the Blue Cruise with their original designs.

Even though Gulets are running by engine power because of their heavy wooden bodies they can still provide a sailing option at the right weather and water conditions.

As her centreboard is not very deep gives chance to cruise and drop anchor at the shallow sea. That helps for the guests to enjoy nice and quiet bays.

The covered area of Gulets contain cabins designed for accommodation and kitchen.  And the outside is mostly designed as two separate parts; stern has a large dining table and deck is used for sunbathing.

Two main types of Gulets are called as "Karpuz Kıç” and "Ketch”.

Karpuz Kıç is a one of the most comfortable and safest cruising boat types all over the world seas. She is designed with a curvy shape so that helps for a success on the sea.

Ketch is also called as Ayna Kıç translated to English as "panelled rear” or "mirror-assed”. She is more designed for Blue Cruises for the advantage of the form of increased cabin space with an aft master cabin or separate crew cabins.