Q1 - What about food and drink?

A1 – The crew will prepare for you a wide variety of delicious, fresh meals comprising tasty salads, grilled meat, fresh fruit and the occasional fish. Mealtimes are flexible and tend to take place at a great time sgreed upon by all the passengers. Dinner tends to be the highlight of the day, a long, leisurely meal; you sit under the stars listening to the water lapping at the hull of the boat. Vegetarians may find the variety of meals somewhat limited. For something slightly different you may choose to go ashore for a meal and sample the nightlife in a local lokanta, in which case you pay for the meal yourself.

All the Gulets are well stocked with reasonably priced drinks, which you pay for at the end of your holiday (unless you have chosen an all-inclusive cruise). Mineral water with your evening meal is already included in the price of your holiday. Please note that you may not consume your own food and drinks on board the gullet, all drinks must be bought from the bar.

Q2 – What do I need to bring?

A2 – Casual clothes, plenty of swimwear and some warm clothing for the evenings, particularly if you are travelling towards the beginning or end of the season. Comfortable walking shoes, deck shoes, extra swimwear, towels, sunglasses, sun cream. It is advisable to keep luggage to a minimum as storage space is limited, and soft bags are more practical than rigid suitcases. Don’t bother to pack electric items, as there are no electricity sockets on a gullet. Please note shoes are not to be worn on board at all.

Q3 – Do the cabins have air conditioning?

A3 – Most of our deluxe Gulets have centrally controlled air conditioning, which will normally operate before dinner and in the evenings in hot weather. When moored in a harbour (which could be up to 3 or 4 days of a one week cruise), the air conditioning has to be switched off due to local environmental regulations, and air conditioning will not operate through the night for safety reasons. We would ask guests, therefore to be flexible regarding air conditioning.

Q4 – What are toilets like?

A4 – Toilets are flushed manually by a hand pump system at he side of the toilet. All toilet paper etc must be placed in the waste paper bin provided by the toilet, if not narrow pipes and filters will block. The crew will empty this bin daily.

Q5 – Can we take children?

A5 – We do not recommend taking children aboard a shared gullet. We would suggest booking private gullet for family and friends.

Q6 – What sort of currency do we need?

A6 – On board the gullet, the crew will accept Turkish Lira, Euro, US Dollar, Sterling (notes) or Traveller’s Cheques in payment for drinks etc. ıf your cruise visits Greece, a small supply of Euros would also be useful for incidental expenses on-shore. The crew cannot accept credit cards.

Q7 – Can we smoke on board?

A7 – Smoking is strictly prohibited in the cabins due to safety reasons, however smoking is permitted on deck.

Q8 – Can I choose my cabin?

A8 – Cabins are allocated depending on when each of the guests booked their holiday. All cabins are of a similar standard and have the same facilities, but there is some variance in size and shape depending on the layout of the boat.

Q9 – Should I tip the crew?

A9 – Most customers tip the crew at the end of the cruise as a way of showing their appreciation although this not obligatory. This is paid to the captain at the end of the cruise who will ensure that tips are shared amongst the crew fairly. An average amount to go by is approximately £ 10 per passenger however some pay more and some pay less.

Q10 – Can we combine a Gulet Cruise with a week in a hotel?

A10 – Yes, you can combine any Gulet cruise with a week in any hotel served by the same Turkish gateway airport, and the cruise can form either first or second week of you holiday. A small administration charge is payable to cover the cost of tour transfer from the port to the hotel.

Q11 – How big are cabins or beds?

A11 – Double beds on most of our Gulets are 140x200 cm and single beds are either 80x200 or 90x200 cm. Master cabins often have double beds with 160x200 cm dimensions.

Q12 – What is a Gulet?

A12 – Gulets are charming, traditional motor-yachts, beautifully crafted from wood, having 6-8 twin or double cabin, all with washbasin, toilet and shower with hot water. Large deck for sleeping. Canvas covered areas for shade. Large table for dining. There’s a ladder to board on the dingy boat or to climb back to the boat.

Q13 – How many crew are there?

A13 – A Turkish crew of three, who understandably are unlikely to be fluent in English, will look after. The captain, first mate, and his assistant take care of the sailing, route planning, cooking and cleaning. There will be at least one member of the crew on board at all times.

Q14 – What will the cabin be like?

A14 – Due to the layout of the boat, all cabins are slightly different in design, but are all fitted with a small wardrobe, bedside table and bathroom. One small towel, sheets, pillowcases and blankets are provided (sheets are changed twice a week); cabins are cleaned on arrival and bathrooms are cleaned daily.

Q15 – What about the rest of the boat?

A15 – To the rear of the Gulet is the large lounge/dining area; at the front is the sun deck. Each gullet is equipped with an icebox, a refrigerator, cd player, a VHF radio, a first aid kit, life belts, snorkelling equipment and fishing lines, all available free of charge. (If it is available on the boat) You only petrol pay for the dingy when you want to do water sports. The wind can be strong and gusty aboard a Gulet, so be sure to secure all your belongings on deck. The crew cannot be responsible for items blown overboard!

Q16 – What if I get seasick?

A16 – Most of your time on Gulet will be spent on the fore or aft deck. Because you are always in full view of the horizon, your body, even if susceptible to seasickness, is unlikely to feel queasy because your vision is in full coordination with its surroundings remedies available on board, either in the form of a patch applied to the skin, or a pill should you feel a tinge of nausea.

Q17 – How often will we actually sail with no engine power?

A17 – While most of Tarkan Yachting itineraries re based upon approximately four hours of motoring daily, crew will hoist sails as the weather conditions and routes allow. If you are sailing enthusiast, we will be happy to design an itinerary with optional sailing opportunities.

Q18 – How far ahead of time do I need to book?

A18 – We suggest that you enquire as early as possible to arrange for the Gulet and dates which best suit you.

Q19 – What about skin protection?

A19 – The sun in Turkey is especially strong, and therefore a good sunscreen or blocking lotion or cream is mandatory. Avoid oily, greasy applications, which are slippery and pose a danger on board. To continue your protection, bring along after-sun lotions or skin softeners.

Q20 – What about sports gear?

A20 – Although most of our yachts provide snorkelling gear, we suggest that lovers of underwater activities bring their own snorkel or musk. A special note on scuba diving; Turkey’s laws prohibits scuba diving in some of her waters. We strongly advice against bringing such gear. However, scuba diving is permissible in very limited areas only, and anyone interested can request further information of us regarding the location of these specially designated scuba diving waters.